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Obtain the Company Priority Award from the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Human Resource Development Division of Polytechnic of Shipping Semarang for its cooperation and support in facilitating the Sea Practice Cadet, Fresh graduate and Implementation of seafarer Training. The awarding Company is entitled to a priority service as stipulated by Management of Polytechnic of Shipping Semarang.



8 January 2016, obtained approval from IDX on new shares listing application

11 January 2016, IDX announcement sanctioning Debt to Equity Swap and collection mechanism from IDR Bond

8 December 2016, obtained approval from SGX on new shares listing resulted from implementation debt conversion into shares. 16 December 2016 it was announced on SGXNet



On 8 January 2015, the US Court Granted recognition of the Restructuring Plan Pursuant to Chapter 15 of the US Bankruptcy Code and sanctioned the mandatory exchange of HY Bonds; and also dismissed the chapter 11 proceedings filed by Gramercy against the Company.

22 April 2015, Restructuring Support Agreement with MLA Lenders agreed and finalized.

15-16 July, conducted scheme meetings in Singapore

14 August 2015, the PKPU amendment Plan approved by the BLTA's creditors

17 August 2015, Singapore High Court approved and sanctions the Singapore scheme

17 November 2015, conducted AGM/EGM of the Company with the requisite shareholders approving the restructuring plan set out in the PKPU amendment Plan

6 December 2015, Approval from Ministry of Law and Human Rights was obtained for the share issuance


The company has completed substantial key restructuring initiatives pursuant to the Restructuring Plan:

24 February 2014, Completion of the Singapore Section 210 Schemes of Arrangement.


22 August 2014, Execution of Mizuho definitive documentation

8 October 2014, Execution of MLA definitive documentation

17 October 2014, Execution of BCA definitive documentation

8 December 2014, Execution of USD Bondholders definitive documentation and filling with US Bankruptcy Court. As at 30 December 2014, BULL is no longer considered as a related party to the Company as the Company had transferred all of its BULL's shared pursuant to the Restructuring Plan.


Obtained requisite majority support of PKPU on 14 March 2013.


Definitive documentation setting out terms of debt instruments as compromised under Restructuring Plan were executed on 16 December 2013 for the bondholders.

Jakarta Commercial Court ratified the Restructuring Plan on 22 March 2013.

On March 2013 US Bankruptcy Court granted PKPU recognition as a foreign main proceeding and permanent injunction staying all litigation and enforcement proceedings within US on 21 May 2013.


PKPU initiated by a creditor on 14 June 2012.


Singapore Court grants Section 210 (10) to 40 special purpose ship owning on 10 March 2012.


Conducted Initial Public Offering of subsidiary – PT Buana Listya Tama Tbk. Successfully listed common stock on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.


Divided the Company's Group business into two distinct groups, Global BLT  – Chembulk to develop Company's liquid chemical transportation segment globally and PT Buana Listya Tama to develop domestic shipping segment.


Conducted Right Issue in two different stock exchange simultaneously, namely Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesian Stock Exchange) and Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.


June 2008, CBL Tankers do Brasil ltda was established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Desember 2007, BLT Acquired Chembulk Tankers LLC-USA, which operated 16 large chemical vessels. With this acquisition, the Company became the third largest provider of maritime transportation services in the world in the liquid chemical segment.

5 March 2007, BLT Mumbai Liaison office has been established

12 March 2007, BLT`s 26th Anniversary

10 May 2007, BLT is awarded as the best issuers in Infrastructure Sector in Investor Award 2007

BLT is awarded Best Issuer in Infrastructure Sector

Bisnis Indonesia Award crowned BLT as the Best Public Company on Main Board

BLT received the Value Creator Award 2006 as one of Best Public Companies based on EVA concept for companies with assets above 1 Trillion Rupiah category by SWA Magazine

BLT listed its share at Singapore Stock Exchange

Forbes named BLT as one of the Best under a billion

BLT Dubai Representative Office is established

Marine Money International ranked BLT on 9th position among all of public listed shipping companies in the world.

Forbes Global named BLT among 100 best companies under US$1 billion sales.

GBLT UK Shipmanagement (UK) was established in Glasgow.

Mr. Hadi Surya was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year for Lifetime Achievement from Ernst & Young

BLT took over Asean Maritime Corporation together with its subsidiary Gold Bridge Shipping Corporation

BLT listed as public company in Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange

12 March 1981 BLT was established.  BLT was stand for Bhaita Laju Tanker.  BLT changed its name to Berlian Laju Tanker in year 1988.
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