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Our People


As a leading provider of liquid cargo transportation services in Asia, we are making tremendous efforts to develop and enhance our market. In order to achieve this, we must continue to strengthen and expand our long-term competitive excellence. We will do this through our people management and by consistently making people development a key focus. We are committed to improving each employee's skills.

We realize that a competent organization is fully supported by competent employees. We believe that our people are a strategic asset in providing us with a competitive advantage to maximize our performance. Therefore we are investing a great deal of time and effort in preparing qualified and dedicated employees who fulfil all the stipulated standards, including knowledge, skills and behaviour. These efforts are not only carried out in order to develop existing employees, they are also applied to the selection and recruitment of new employees. Whether people join us as trainees, graduates or experienced professionals, they receive the support and training that will bring out the best in them.

As we face new business changes and the competitive global market, we are preparing our people through continuous improvement in their capabilities and commitment. We develop and retain our talented people and are dedicated to helping them to do their best, both now and in the future. Leadership Development spearheads the numerous training opportunities that are offered to our people.

For seafarers development, the Company refers to the Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as Amended 1995 (STCW) as stipulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Our Values

Our Company's existence and its historical development as an organization, illustrates how strongly it abides by the values it holds. We can summarize these values into seven categories. These are:

A Spirit of Teamwork
Teamwork is one of the most important values for our Company's success. Teamwork involves transparent working behaviour, mutual respect, mutual assistance and mutual trust. Through this spirit, with different talents, skills and backgrounds, we constitute a solid team, carrying out the common mission. Brotherhood and a family atmosphere is intrinsic within us as one large family. This gives us a solid, co-operative spirit that creates harmony, synergy and dynamic power for our Company's continual growth.

Working Hard for Continuous Improvement
According to our Company's point of view, quality is not a static matter. We have tried to be consistent in maintaining quality dynamics by continuously carrying out comprehensive improvement with optimal capacity. We have tried hard to abide by the belief that quality is an essential element of growth, reputation, and success. Quality, must always be in the minds of our people who keep trying to do their very best.

Caring for Employees, Society and the Environment
In managing its operations, our Company has always tried to fulfil its social responsibilities to employees, society and the environment. This has been achieved by maintaining harmonious and well balanced relationships and by involvement in different kinds of social activities.

Putting Customer First
Our Company has always endeavoured to satisfy its customers' needs, immediately and precisely. Customers' requirements are the starting and end points of our operational process. We have always paid special attention to creating good and effective relationships with all our customers.

Courage and Responsibility
Our Company highly appreciates creativity and innovation, as well as the courage that is needed to face possible risks and consequences. This is a sign of a mature mental attitude which makes use of, and catches, any business opportunities.

Viewing the Future Wisely
Our Company gives priority to long-term, rather than short-term, returns. Each step which is taken is based on broad prospective ideals which will remain stable despite day to day, or yearly changes and fluctuations.

Loyalty and Integrity
Our people are highly committed to their work for the sake of achieving the common objectives. Everyone always tries to contribute their very best, both in thoughts and energy for the further progress of our Company. Everyone gives priority to common interests instead of individual interests. In addition to this, our people have mature and honest behaviour.


Each of the seven values mentioned above, form part of the cultural heritage that has provided a strong foundation for our Company's future business success.

All seven values are interrelated and are inseparable from one another.

Our Culture

It is vital that everyone understands our Company's culture - and embodies it in their working lives. There are five main points that are embodied in our culture. These are:

  • Discipline
  • Co-operation
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Quality Services
  • A Learning Spirit
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