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The Company's main business is the maritime transportation of liquid bulk cargo. The types of cargo carried by the Company's fleet include:

  • Crude oil and petroleum products;
  • Lubricating Oil (Base Oil and additives);
  • Liquid Chemical (organic and non-organic);
  • Liquefied gas (LPG, propylene, propane, and other pressurized gas);
  • Vegetable oil and animal fats.


The Company offers a range of maritime transportation and related services, including the following:


Time Charter

The Company charters out its vessels to third parties on a range of terms, including short-term time charter; medium term time charter; and long-term time charter basis.


Vessel Operation

The Company charters out cargo space in its vessels to the third parties. The vessels used to provide these services include vessels owned by the Company and chartered-in vessels. Cargo is carried according to a range of terms, including spot market contracts and Contract Of Affreightment (COA). COA is a contract for the transportation of a certain volume of cargo within a specified period of time.


Vessel Agency Service

Foreign vessels calling at Indonesian ports are required to appoint an Indonesian company or companies to act as their general agent. As a registered Indonesian company, the Company acts as the general agent for many foreign vessels. Foreign shipping companies whose vessels enter into Indonesian waters contract a range of agency services from the Company, including the arrangement of permits, the arrangement of port facilities, and the provision of supplies such as fuels, freshwater, spare-parts, repair services, and others. Besides contributing directly to the Company's revenues and profits, the agency business facilitates the expansion of the Company's network with foreign shipping companies.


Shore Storage Rental

Liquid cargo must be stored in the appropriate facilities in ports before being transported by oil tankers or distributed to processing plants. The Company owns and operates shore storage facilities which it rents to the owners of liquid cargo.

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