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Since becoming the first Indonesian shipping to be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 1990 and the first Indonesian Company to be listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd in Singapore on 2006, Good Corporate Governance (GCG) has always been considered as an important element for the Company in achieving sustainable growth and to be preferred Multinational Shipping Company in domestic and International trading.


Hence, the Company is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of corporate governance, in compliance with the principles and guidelines set out in the new Code of Corporate Governance 2005 ("Code 2005") and the Best Practices Guide issued by the Singapore Exchanges Securities Limited (the "SGX-ST) and these are in line in principle with the Indonesian Code of Good Corporate Governance 2001 and other prevailing standards adopted and used in Indonesia.


Furthermore, as one of the largest providers of sea transportation services specializing in the transportation of liquid cargoes in Indonesia and throughout the world, the Company is committed to involve in Indonesia's recovery by contributing significantly to the development of the Indonesian economy and becoming a role model for other companies, especially other shipping companies, in implementing GCG.

In coherence with leveraging good corporate governance in Indonesia, the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) has pioneered and continuously evaluates the implementation of good corporate governance in publicly listed companies in Indonesia. In 2009, the IICD held the IICD Good Corporate Governance (GCG) International Seminar, which is located in Bali and part of the 42nd Asian Development Bank International Governor Meeting.


In this wonderful occasion, PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (BLT) has won a Good Corporate Governance Award for 'Best GCG Most Improved Category 2009”. BLT has positioned itself as a strong supporter of good corporate governance and after rigorous review of the many candidates, the panel of jury has identified that BLT is the only company in Indonesian Stock Exchange that has shown a remarkable improvement of its GCG practice in 2009 and therefore deserve to win the award.


BLT recently appeared on Marine Money International 2004 for being the 9th Best Public Shipping Company, the Forbes Global 2004 and 2005 for Best under a Billion, Value Creator Award in 2006 and Bisnis Indonesia Award 2006 for Best Public Company on Indonesian Main Board. The Company also received Investor Award 2006 and 2007 for Best Public Company in Indonesia as well as Business Review Award 2007 for the 6th Best CEO and was chosen as the second winner at Investor Best Syariah 2007 Award for the Syariah Mudharabah Bond. In 2008, Mr. Widihardja Tanudjaja, the President Director of the Company was nominated as one of the Best Three CEOs for Indonesian listed companies awarded by Investor Daily. BLT earned a spot on the new Kompas-100 Index in 2007. The Company is listed on 2 (two) exchanges at Singapore Exchange and Indonesia Stock Exchange.

(c) 2007 PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk. All Rights Reserved.