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The Education Home > INVESTOR RELATION > Corporate Responsibility > The Education

GBLT UK recently provided funding to help their local youth activity scheme for disadvantaged children. The Scheme provides safe entertainment and informal education for children during the school holidays.




The seagoing staff that man our vessels are one of our most important resources and valuable assets of the company. Without quality seafarers onboard our vessels, efficient technical management is difficult and will put more burden and work load to our shore staff. We do the employing of crews through our rigorous selection and training procedures thereby producing a large pool of competent and high standard officers and crews with hands on experience on all tanker segments that we are involved in i.e. chemical, oil and gas sectors.


Within our group, the activity of recruiting, training and retaining the high standard seafarers are carried out through a separate group entity PT Karya Bakti Adil (PT KBA). PT KBA is an independent entity and responsible for manning the Company's management fleet. They also at times supply seafarers to third parties as a licensed manning agent.


Through PT KBA, The Company employs seafarers from Indonesia and while Indonesia is still a potential country for seagoing staff sourcing with its large pool of talents supply, recently we have included the employment of seafarers from other seafaring nations ranging from Chinese, Myanmar/Burma and other Asian nationalities all of which blend to form a cohesive and efficient shipboard management unit. We have scouting networks across Asian maritime educational institutions including academies and universities ensuring smooth flow of qualified people coming into the system. In addition, we have also established cadetship program for grooming future pool of offshore staff.


Right now, we employ around 1.600 crews and train more than 200 cadets per year from many maritime universities and academies in many different countries (mostly Indonesian, Chinese, Burmese, Indian, UK, etc) as part of our corporate social responsibility as well as for the regeneration of our present seafarers.


Our crew management programs are wide ranging and have applied the highest standards of human resources management. Some of the services it provides include the following services: 
* crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew

* implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies

* crew P&I insurance as well as handling of respective claims

* proper qualification and certification of crew

* training and development

* seafarers welfare programs


The Company operates a number of crew training schemes, thereby securing loyal dedicated young officers for the future. It is exactly this long term view which assures our principals of our total commitment in obtaining reliable and industrious crews. In addition, with higher demand for quality and service oriented crews and with the ever-increasing focus on quality and safety by our customers, we continue to strive to improve our crewing standards. Commitment to quality and safety is reflected in the quality training and development programs that methodically and intensively reinforced towards the company's commitment to excellence:

1. Leadership and management course for all senior officers

2. Periodic Senior officer conference

3. Classroom instruction for officers and command assessment training for chief officers to be promoted to masters

4. In house cargo pump mock up

5. Computer-based training programs

6. In house computer-based Full Bridge and Engine Room Simulators focusing on safety and environmental - protection practices

7. English language laboratory for seamen

A high level of investment in manpower planning and training as well as career development has been put in place by the Company and this has results in a stable seagoing staff with a very high retention level. This is important to ensure continuing supply of capable and high caliber crews and masters for our ships as we continue to grow our fleet.

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